Top 10 smartphones- Should Look For in 2016

We are in last part of this year, and we have seen lots of powerful smartphones in 2015 and still coming. Already there is whispering about top smartphones that will rock in next year. So i will give you my top 10 smartphones that could dominate in the 2016.

1. Apple iPhone 7 and iPhone 7Plus

Since iPhone 6s and 6s Plus released, there is talking about next iPhone 7. So people’s are already going crazy about the next Apple’s device that could come with  edge to edge display and runs on iOS 10. Apple didn’t change the design of iPhone 6s from its predecessor iPhone 6, so we could see a new iPhone 7 with much greater display resolution. But its not sure about whether they stick with 12MP camera pixel or not, but iPhone 7 could come with sidewalls display like Samsung galaxy Edge+ . The hardware system might powered with Apple’s A10 chipset and 2GB RAM. We don’t know much about iPhone 7 , just making some prediction. But next year going to be tough year for iPhone  if they don’t crop up with new technology’s.  As previous trend Apple will release iPhone 7 in September 2016.

2.  HTC One M10

HTC has recently unveiled their A9 flagship smartphones, and M9 is still very new so there is a confusion whether HTC will stick on their schedule to release HTC One M10 in march 2016. HTC always has given some new device in the start of the year, this time its expecting M10 could come. Although, it doesn’t make sens to ask about HTC One m10 specification because HTC M9 specification just been revealed. So we have to wait more time to know  about HTC One M10.

3. LG G5

LG G4 was one of our top 10 smartphone in 2015, and there is rumors that LG G5 could come in spring 206. Surprisingly, rumors suggest that LG G5 could come with iris scanner that very encouraging features for LG smartphone lovers, because even we didn’t see a fingerprint sensor on G4. LG G4 has a removal battery and LG might retain this features and could increase the capacity to 4000mAh.

4. LG G Flex 3

The curved design and premium specs of LG G Flex 2 has impressed many of its users. LG is hoping to drive this success with their next LG Flex 3, that could come with more high-end features. According to the recent rumors, its almost certain that LG G Flex 3 would be the first phone with Snapdragon 820 chipset. Moreover it might come with 4GB RAM, 32Gb internal space, 20.7MP rear camera and a massive 6″ display with 2k resolution.

5. Samsung Galaxy S7

Samsung Galaxy S6 is one of revelation for them and they got their glory back with the Samsung galaxy s6 and s6 edge. So back on this success they could unveil their next big flagship device the Galaxy S7 in next year. Samsung has made some quality changes on Galaxy s6 series so we can expect some notable chnage again on Galaxy s7. We got some news that Samsung could add some powerful features like Adreno 530, Snapdragon 820 and LP-DDR4 RAM, but this news hasn’t any reliable sources.

6. Sony Xperia Z6

Sony is passing a rough time but they are hopeful with their latest inclusion of Xperia Z5 premium. Although, We don’t know much about Sony Xperia Z6 yet,  but we are expecting a fingerprint scanner, waterproofing , 4K display with the 4th generation protection and powered by Snapdragon 820 chipset. We could see Sony Xperia Z6 in upcoming WMC-2016.

7. Xiaomi Mi 6

Xiaomi has already produced some killer high-end smartphone this year and hoping more better flagship phone in 2016. Possibly, Xiaomi Mi 6 is going to be their next  device to make an impression in the upcoming year. The Xiaomi Mi 6 could see Snapdragon 820 chipset with 2.7 GHz octa core processor, ultra HD 4K display and 23Mp rear camera. Xiaomi has always an advantage for its relatively lower price than other smartphone in the market. If all rumors are come true then Xiaomi Mi 6 will be another high-end phones at cheaper price.

8. OnePlus 3

Oneplus 2 is one of the top smartphone in 2015 that earned huge respect for its premium specification at reasonably lower price. So OnePlus 3 must need some remarkable and innovative features to overcome its predecessors. The rumors are indicating exactly that Oneplus 3 could come with more powerful hardware, amazing design and more camera mega pixel.

9. Oppo Find 9

Oppo Find 9 was expected to release on September 2015,  but Oppo postponed the release date for the arrival of Snapdragon 820 chipset. Initially, we expected  a OPPO Find 9 with Snapdragon 410 chipset backed by 4GB RAM and display with 2K resolution. But now we have to wait until next year to confirm about the real specifications that Oppo Find 9 has.

10. Samsung Galaxy Note 6

Samsung Galaxy note 5 is the latest inclusion of  Galaxy note series, and passing a decent run up to the date. The galaxy note 5 has just released, so it wouldn’t be fair to talk about upcoming Galaxy Note 6 too early. But rumors are already spread out about the next Galaxy note by Samsung. According to this rumors Samsung Galaxy Note 6 could be a giant phone with – 6″ 4k display, 8GB RAM, Octa core 2.9GHz Snapdragon 820 chipset, 30MP rear and 16Mp front camera, 4500 mAh battery and lots more powerful features. We are too fanciful about the specification only because its 2016 not 2015 anymore. So old technology will replaced by upgraded technology.


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