Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Review

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 a phablet rather a mobile with a sharp Super AMOLED display, has super fast processor with 4GB RAM, a stunning 16MP rear camera and with a handy S-pen stylus. One thing might goes against it that there is no extra storage but a 32GB internal memory may enough for many users. You have to pay some extra bulks for this new generation android phone as Samsung Galaxy series phone was always luxury for general people.

samsung galaxy note 5 review

Samsung Galaxy note 5 is the new sensation by Samsung and by far  one of their best big flagship mobile. Samsung Galaxy Note series are always have a tendency to produce big phone with premium features. Samsung Galaxy note 5 is no different from that and may outclass the previous predecessor. Just after the successor story of Samsung galaxy s6 edge, the galaxy note 5 entered into the android smartphone world with lot’s of intensity and expectation.

Positive                                        Negative

Super sharp large display           No Extra storage

Super fast performance              Non-Removal battery

Excellent Camera quality            Very Expensive

Handy S-pen Style                       Limited Availability

High Battery Capacity

Check: Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Full specification


Samsung Galaxy Note 5 has the best design up to date according to the Samsung official site. You might finding same basic shape as it was on galaxy note 4 but there is huge difference on construction structure.

Samsung Galaxy note 4 had one of the best design in that time but Galaxy note 5 got some similar design from Galaxy s6 edge. Samsung Galaxy note 5 got a  slimmer body with framed by sleek metal and glass as like galaxy s6 edge. So they follow the way of galaxy S6 e and removed textured plastic back.

It has a dimension of 163.2x 76.1×7.6mm that is much higher than usual Samsung flagship phones, but surprisingly Note 5 is much thinner, lighter than Note 4. It has only  171gm despite with it’s  metal glass construction. Samsung always produced big galaxy note phone that difficult to hold on one hand, but galaxy note 5 is easily hold your palm despite it’s big size.  This usually happened due to it’s back glass curves inward on left and right sides. now it’s look much better phone as it’s screen bezel has cut down the sides of the 5.7 inch screen.

One thing that go against note 5 is it has no longer battery removal option. So there is no SD Card option available on this phone. The headphone jack and USB  charging port moved to the bottom of the phone.

samsung galaxy note usb port


Samsung galaxy note 5  two colors are available in U.S residence that is Sapphire Black and White Pearl, it is also available in Platinum Gold and Silver Titan color in other part of the world.

the galaxy not 5 has much better fingerprint sensor technology then it was in note 4, now there is no need to slide the finger up down to unlock the home screen. Now like iPhone touch id sensor you can unlock phone by fingerprint sensor.


Samsung galaxy note 5 has 5.7 inch Super AMOLED qHD display,  a resolution of 2560×1440 with ~518 pixel per inch. These specification is enough for any phablet size phone but when you compare with Sony Xperia Z5 Premium with 4k display with 806ppi then you might think other ways.  Samsung has given it’s best pixel per inch to galaxy s6 a 577 ppi with corning gorilla glass 4 protection.  So it would have been better if galaxy note 5 got higher resolution and pixel density with corning gorilla glass protection. But nevertheless, still the Samsung galaxy note5 has one of their best display up to date. The combination of brightness level and pixel density make this phone more elegant to watch.

samsung galaxy note 5

S-Pen Stylus

On my personal point of view i got quite similar writing experience with S-pen on galaxy note 5. Although , Samsung claimed they make a change to their S-Pen stylus than Note 4.  They claimed that  Wacom-powerd  S-Pen is more functional and accurate. But i noticed this S-pen is still can only use for small note and making annotations not for big articles.


Samsung Galaxy note 5 has got the design and top class display quality that differ it from other phone. Samsung didn’t make any mistake on it’s hardware,  they given their own octa core Exynos 7420 chipset with a 4 core 2 GHz processor. Samsung makes a move from their galaxy s6 by providing a 4GB RAM on galaxy note 5, galaxy s6 edge had 3GB RAM. So Samsung Galaxy Note 5 performance will boost by this powerful hardware.

There is no surprise that Samsung galaxy note 5 has TouchWiz-ified version of Android 5.1.1 Lollipop.


One of the lacking that many users think is extra memory card slot.  It hasn’t any extra card slot so you won’t get more than 32/64 GB memory space on galaxy note 5. Now days Sony mobile offers up to 200GB extra storage, so it is one of the things that galaxy note 5 is missing.. But i personally got 24.85GB space on Samsung galaxy note 5 because system memory cut down 7.15GB. So the actual space will be 24.85Gb exact to use .

I am wandering why Samsung didn’t keep card slot despite there is enough space on SIM Tray. Samsung galaxy note 5 has replaced micro-sim to Nano-Sim from galaxy note 4, but they kept same big ejectable tray for Nano Sim.

samsung galaxy note 5 camera


Samsung kept same camera quality as it was on Samsung galaxy s6. The galaxy note 5 has 16 Mega pixel autofocus sensor with f/1.9 lens and mixed with some optical image stabilization activity to capture best photography work. Samsung now started to improved it’s camera quality with its rivals.

On the front a 5 Mega Pixel wide angel camera has prepared to capture your selfie. I can capture full HD video ([email protected]) with the galaxy note 5 with the optical image stabilization work that reduce blur  and makes video steady. The galaxy note 5 has also 4k video restricted to 5 minutes.

Battery Life

Samsung Galaxy note 5 has lower battery capacity than the galaxy note 4. It used 300o mAh Li-polymer non removal battery. In general mode it goes one and half days as like note 4, galaxy s6 and iPhone 6 plus. But if you run HD videos or browsing internet then it drains battery life very quickly.  If i play 90 minute HD videos it cuts 14% battery life, in same time Galaxy S6 drained 25% with its 2500 mAh Battery. On the other hand Galaxy S6 active powered with 3500 mAh battery drained only 7% in same time.

Samsung galaxy not 5 has impressive record on battery charging time than it’s previous predecessor. It has fast wireless battery charging like galaxy s6.


Samsung Galaxy note 5 is quite expensive and it is not not available in many countries.  I think Samsung charged quite extra price on this phone. They can easily reduce it’s price and put challenge toward its competitors.

Samsung Galaxy Price in U.S $740(32GB), $840(64GB)

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Price In India Rs. 53900

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Price in Bangladesh BDT 69,900

Accept or Reject

If we look toward Samsung galaxy note 5 design, display and performance then it is quite impressive. But if we look forward and see what it’s rivals offer then create confusion over it. I feel it’s a nice phone to have but price should be lower. My opinion will be mutual on Samsung galaxy Note 5.





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