Top 5 Walton Mobile should watch for in May 2016

Walton mobile is one of the top smartphone brand in Bangladesh. They are Bangladeshi local giant and becoming popular for their low and affordable mobile price. Every month you will get some new Walton mobile in the market with innovative and new features. On the March 2016, Walton has released and announced few very attractive smartphone. If you are looking for a smartphone to buy in May 2016, then 5 walton mobile you should know about.

5. Walton Primo GH6

Walton Primo GH6
Walton has released Primo GH6 on April, but it is mostly available from May 2016. The Primo GH6 is the first Walton mobile featured latest OS Android v6.0 Marshmallow. It attracts most of the Walton mobile fans for its very good features considering the price. I personally think, Primo GH6 is a good phone to buy at 6290Tk. You will get 5 inch HD display with Gorilla Glass protection along with 1.3GHz Quad Core processor, 8MP+5MP camera, 1GB RAM, 8GB ROM. So all these features aren’t bad and it also offers OTG supports. There is a concern with the battery life and only 2000 mAh capacity doesn’t give you too much power. So overall, Walton Primo GH6 would be a good choice for those have lower budget.

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4. Walton Primo H5

Walton-Primo H5
The Walton Primo H5 is quite a same phone like Primo GH6 except the design. Walton has given more slimmest body to Primo H5 and upgraded 3rd generation gorilla glass protection on the screen. Other features like 5″display, 1GB RAM, 8GB ROM, 8MP+5MP camera, OTG, OS Android v6.0 are very attractive at lower price. Again the battery life could be lower with 2000 mAh capacity. The Walton Primo H5 price hasn’t published yet but according to its features anythong around 6300 would be good.

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3. Walton Primo NF2

Walton Primo NF2
If you don’t like Primo GH6 for its low battery life then you have a option with Primo NF2. Moreover, it has big 6 inch HD display with Gorilla Glass protection. Walton has given a 3300 mAh battery on Primo NF2, in which you can expect much better battery life. So Walton Primo NF2 has better battery life and display size than Primo GH6. All other features are quite same except OTG supports. There is no OTG supports on Primo NF2, which you can consider as one of lacking points. You have to pay extra little more money for NF2. The Walton Primo NF2 mobile current price in Bangladesh is 7490Tk.

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2. Walton Primo N2

Walton Primo N2
If your budget is little higher then take a look at Primo N2. In the market, so many android phones are available with 2GB RAM and 16GB ROM but these phone hasn’t introduced OS Android v6.0 yet. The Walton Primo N2 will run with Android v6.0 Marshamllow and it offers 2GB RAM, 16GB ROM, 8MP+5MP camera. Apart from this it also has 5.5″ IPS HD display with 2nd generation gorilla glass protection and OTG supports. It offers a decent amount of battery life with Li-ion 2500 mAh capacity. So considering all these specifications we can expect a better performance on Primo N2. Now the real question is how much it cost? the price hasn’t announce yet but anything around 8500Tk would be attractive.

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1. Walton Primo ZX2 lite

Walton Primo ZX2 lite
Looking for a high-end smartphone? then wait for Primo ZX2 lite. As i said earlier, Walton always try to give some innovative features to the fan. The Walton Primo ZX2 lite comes with a monster 5020 mAh battery capacity. So now all tension regarding battery life will be solved with Primo ZX2 lite. You must be fancy to buy this phone for its encouraging and attractive features. What you want from a phone? big screen, fast performance, high camera mega pixel, extra internal storage, everything you will get from Primo ZX2 lite.
Despite of so many amazing features still it needs to keep its price under control. Walton needs to act wisely to attract people toward this phone. If they set a high price for this phone then surely it will not get enough sell but an attractive price could give huge market share.
So price anything around 20000-22000Tk would be great !

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