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Coronavirus Live Update of Bangladesh

Coronavirus Cases:

Coronavirus: what is the way of treatment, treatment and protection?

Coronavirus, whose clothing is called Kōbhiḍa-19, has now declared the disease as the world health organization.

The Virus-which was previously known by scientists – has already caused severe disease of lung diseases in China and has already spread in most countries of the world.

How much preparation was Bangladesh from the beginning to stop spreading a tongue like the corona virus?

Bangladesh has taken almost two months after the virus spread in China, Bangladesh has taken almost two months to prepare itself.

According to experts, Bangladesh could have taken different measures from the beginning. But many experts think that the issue in Bangladesh has not been given much importance at first.

The Government of Bangladesh has taken some strong steps in the last week to prevent the infection of do virus. But the experts think that there is no impression of the plan.

Mahmud Rahman, former director of ā’i’iḍisi’āra and an expert in infectious diseases, told bbc bangla that there was no plan for Bangladesh to prevent the virus infection. However, the government has taken a lot of time to take the action from the government.

Mr.. Rahman said, ” the laws that are taken are right, when it seems to be necessary, it has been taken. Like our laboratory preparation was somewhat, but not completely. ”

He said that the ingredients that are needed to examine the virus like the do virus are not enough.

” it has to place an advance order and bring it from different channels,” said Mr. Rahman.

To understand how much the virus has been tested in many countries of the world, but there is no system in Bangladesh.

” where to keep our patient in the hospital, how can I keep it, how to keep the patients in the hospital – yet he has not been able to do the preparation. ”

In addition to the doctors who will serve the patients who will serve the patients who will be required to protect the patients who are not sure, it is not necessary to protect them.

Bangladesh has not taken any action on the issue when different countries of the world have made a move on the arrival of passengers from abroad. The experts said that a country has closed its border in Bangladesh since the beginning, the experts said that they have not given any attention to the issue in Bangladesh since the beginning.

Moreover, the observation or screening of passengers from abroad has not been appropriate since the beginning.

At the airport, the health conditions of passengers are observed through a thermal scanner, i.e. whether a passenger has a fever.

Various media reports that most of these thermal scanner were useless.

Experts Mind that the authorities have been responsible for 14 days for people from abroad. Whether these people are actually staying at home, they are not properly observed.

Another important thing to prevent the spread of the corona virus is to find out all those who have come in touch with the affected person.

Mahmud Rahman said that there is no management in Bangladesh to determine if the do virus has spread among the people in Bangladesh.

He asked, on what basis it is said that the people of Bangladesh have not spread in the community of Bangladesh yet?

However, the chief medical officer of the ā’i’iḍisi’āra, asi alamgir claimed that the issue has been given significant importance in Bangladesh since the virus infection started in China.

He said that Bangladesh has a contact with China’s National Academy of sciences.

” we were also getting news from there that he is being playerunknown (Unknown) Pneumonia. And that could probably be circus or mars, our preparation has been started since December 31th. ”

Since then, he mentioned that the airport has been taken to the airport for passengers coming from China.

However, there is a strong complaint that the health test activity at the airport was not effective at all. Many passengers are said to enter the country without any observation.

What’s the virus?

Coronavirus is an infectious virus that has never been spread among people before.

The virus has already spread over 170 countries around the world, more than 7 people worldwide.

Another name of the virus is 2019-ēnasi’ōbhi or novel virus. It’s a kind of do virus. The Coronavirus has many species, but only six species can be infected with human bodies. But from now on, the number will be seven from now on.

Since 2002, the virus has been spread in China since 2002, since 2002, the virus has been killed by 774 people in the world and 8098 people were infected. That was a kind of Coronavirus.

Coronavirus update of Bangladesh

The new disease was initially called various names, such as ‘ China virus ‘, ‘ Coronavirus ‘, ‘ 2019 ĒNAKABHA ‘, ‘ new virus ‘, ‘ mystery virus ‘, ‘ mystery virus ‘, etc.

In the second week of February this year, the world health organization was named Kōbhiḍa-19, which is a brief form of ‘Coronavirus disease 2019’.

What is the symptoms of disease:

In addition to the symptoms of symptoms, fever, cough, breathing problems are mainly the main symptoms of fever, cough and breathing.

It attacks lungs.

Usually the symptoms begin with dry cough and fever, then there is a problem in breathing.

Usually, the symptoms of disease usually take five days to be published.

The World Health organization says the world health organization lasts for 14 days. However, according to some researchers, it may last up to 24 days.

When the symptoms of virus are shown in humans, they will be more likely to infection. However, it is also believed that people can infected the virus in the body of a healthy person even when they are not sick.

The initial symptoms are common in the diagnosis due to common fever and flu.

The impact of the corona virus has reminded many of the virus, which caused 774 deaths in many Asian countries in the early 2000 countries.

The genetic code of the new virus has been found that it is very similar to a virus.

” when we see a new do virus, we want to know how dangerous the symptoms are. The virus is like flu, but is not more dangerous than the virus,” says mark ulahā’usa, professor mark ulahā’usa at University of Edinburgh.


From where didn’t you get the virus?

Sometimes the new virus started from an animal and began to build a home in human body.

The World Health Organization’s idea is an animal source of the recent disease.

As much as it is known, the incident of human being has been sold in a market that is selling sea fish wholesale in China.

The do virus is in the family, but the six of these types of viruses are already known, but it is new to the people who are infected.

Most of the Coronavirus is not dangerous, but this new virus has already been suspected to push viral pneumonia to the plague, and finally, the disease has spread the infection of the disease, and it is finally caused by the infection of the disease. Mari has announced the world health organization.

From which animal is the virus?

Once the source of the virus is possible to identify the disease, it is much easier to deal with the disease.

China has a relationship with China’s south sea food wholesale market in China’s South Sea Food.

Although several sea animals could carry the virus (such as beluga whale), many living animals could be found in the market, such as chicken, rabbit, rabbit, snake-these animals can be the source of the virus. .

Researchers say that the virus has a close match with a type of of in China.

How dangerous are the symptoms?

Virus infection starts with fever, then dry cough can occur later. Almost a week later, breathing pain started. Many many happy returns of the day happy birthday to you.

So far, the rate of death of this disease is low (between 1 % to 2 %) – however, these statistics are not completely trustworthy.

In some parts of Europe, there is still more death rates.

The World Health organization has a statistics on a survey of 56 affected patients:

6 % of these diseases are severe sick – their lungs are likely to be broken, septic shock, organ disease, and death.

Symptoms are strongly seen by 14 %. They are mainly caused by breathing problems.

Light symptoms can be seen in 80 % – apart from fever and cough, some other symptoms can be seen in addition to fever and cough.

Elderly people and those who have any kind of illness (asthma, diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure) are likely to be severe sick.

The information from China is a little more likely to die than women in this disease.

It is the purpose of doctors to ensure that the infected person can help with breathing and the immune system of his body is to help the virus.

How can the virus be stuck?

Recently, the United States has tested the human body by taking a vaccine they discovered.

The material of this article is a genetic code of the kōbhiḍa-not virus – which is copied from the original virus. This copy is not dangerous, and it can not cause infection in human body.

The test of corona virus is starting in the United States

Experts say that this vaccine, or a few other vaccines are now on the research level – it will take several more months to learn if it will be done.

Scientists all over the world are trying to make research work faster

The only way to protect from this disease is not to allow virus infection among others.

Which means:

To limit the people’s walk.

Encourage everyone to wash your hands.

Health workers are wearing defence clothes to provide medical services separately to the patients

To know whether the patients have virus, and to identify people who have virus, and to identify people who come in touch with patients, they also need intelligence activities or surveillance systems.

What is Bangladesh taking?

Like many other countries, Bangladesh has taken various steps to prevent the disease. In the country, there are several people who have been identified in the country.

Meanwhile, the ban on passengers from all Europe except England has been banned until March 31th. With many other countries, the air has been suspended.

For two weeks since March 17, all educational institutions in the country including all schools, colleges, universities and universities have been declared closed.

Bangladesh home minister Asaduzzaman khan announced on Wednesday that the government will arrange punishment if he does not obey the instructions of staying in kōẏārēnṭinē.

Can the brother change?

The virus has come from one animal to the human body, and is always changing the body of one to another, and is always changing in its genetic form – called mutation.

So, this virus might become more dangerous.

But scientists are still trying to learn more about the nature of this system and how it can be prevented.

The news of various deadly viruses, such as circus or Ebola, sometimes comes in news. This is the last one in the world.

Scientists say that the virus may have already been “Mi’uṭēṭa” in human body cells, which means changing the formation and increasing numbers – which can become more dangerous.

This virus causes infection in human lungs and spread it from one person’s body to another. Like common flu or cold, this virus spread through cough and cold.

Why in China?

Professor Ulahā’uja says that it is big because China’s huge shape and population density, and the animal that carries the virus.

He says, ” there will be no wonder if the next major plague is in China or the region. ”

How easily can the disease spread among people?

At the beginning of the disease, the Chinese authorities said that the virus was not spreading among people – but now it is found.

Scientists now say how many infected people are spreading the disease between 1.4 and 2.5 people.

This number is called “basic production number or basic reproduction number” which means more than one means the disease has become self-dependent.

So we have known for so many days that this is a virus that will not be destroyed or extinct.

Only the decision taken in china – such as a strong move to close the cities, can only be stopped by the spread of the disease.

Although these numbers are still the initial account, they don’t compare the virus to the virus.

It is more concern that people can spread the virus without any symptoms of the disease.

However, it is not clear how quickly or easy it can happen, but this will make the virus more difficult to prevent infection.

What to stop after a mask?

A great symbolic image for any news of virus infection is the face of a man wearing mask or mask.

Mask use is a popular system to prevent infection in many countries of the world. Especially in China, where the virus has started, people walk around the nose and face covered with face of air pollution.

What is the risk of death if virus is affected?

Is it sure death if you are suffering from virus? It is normal to remember questions about how the disease is spreading around the world and the way people are terrified. What are doctors or researchers saying about this?

Researchers thought that 5 to 40 patients could die in every thousand people who were affected by Coronavirus. But at present, the idea has changed a little bit.

Scientists believe that only 9 of each thousand are confirmed when the virus is affected by this virus. The death rate is near only one percent. However, death depends on age, gender, health conditions.

Most of them don’t think it’s hard to get the death rate in the brother. It is too complicated to count how many people died. Experts say that the majority of the victims remain outside the humans. Because no one wants to go to a doctor with a gentle symptom.

A research from Imperial College says that some countries are expert in the gentle infection, but in many countries there is no such system. That is why it is difficult to keep account of the victim. So many people think the death rate would have been higher if the number of victims was counted properly.

Scientists say that the elderly, sick, and men are more likely to die with older, sick, and men. In this case, Chinese statistics say that the death rate of virus is 10 times higher than 44 people in the old age of 44 people inn’t. And the lowest rate of death is the lowest rate in the age of 30. However, among those who have diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, heart disease, or breathing, death rate is 5 times higher.

Doctors say that you will be patient, as soon as you see the symptoms of Coronavirus, stay healthy.

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